Case Studies

Listed below are some of RSL Project Solutions previous and ongoing projects.

Cobham Mission Systems – Project Management Support (Task Complete)

RSL Project Solutions Ltd are under contract to manage the final stages of the development programme for a fixed Air to Air Refuelling Probe for the KC-390 transport aircraft being developed for Embraer.  Key tasks include:



  • Materials testing and qualification.
  • Unit and system level verification and qualification testing.
  • Drawing pack updates and build standard finalisation.
  • Production readiness preparations.
  • DDP preparation, review and approval.
  • Flight Trials preparations.

DSTL – Big Data Analytics Research (Task Complete)

RSL Project Solutions were contracted to provide Technical and Management support to Dstl.  This entailed the provision of a consultant on-site with Dstl to support delivery of a number of Data Science projects on behalf of Dstl.

Key Tasks include:

  • TronNetwork administration (operating and maintaining) of Dstl’s Big Data cluster(s) computing facility which is used for running experiments.
  • Ensuring that the MOD is advancing the state of Intelligence and Information Data Science by keeping abreast of research, developing knowledge/techniques and contributing new ideas to colleagues involved in Big Data Experimentation.
  • Ensuring that Information and Intelligence techniques are available to the UK operational community by contributing to the development of software tools (or hardware infrastructure) that exploits state of the art research.
  • Working with a military intelligence analyst to research and exploit a sensor processing or geospatial techniques.

DSTL – Project Management Support (Task Ongoing)

worldRSL Project Solutions are contracted to provide Project Management support to the following Dstl Divisions:

  • Cyber & Information Systems.
  • Platform Systems.
  • CBRN.
  • Land Battlespace Systems.

This entails the bidding, planning and managing the co-ordination and delivery of a diverse portfolio of Information Superiority, Cyber, Data Analytics, Dismounted Systesms and CBR Defence experimentation and research projects delivered by a mix of Dstl and sub-contract resource. RSL’s consultants manage multiple project budgets in excess of £10M pa with a diverse customer base ranging from DE&S PTs to Front Line Commands to individual Unit Commanders. The consultants also operate within the Dstl’s Project Management process and lifecycle.

DSTL – UAS Scientific Support (Task Complete)

planeThe Dstl Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) programme is a £27M programme which provides a coherent approach to research and tackles a number of current UAS issues. The programme covers all UAS classes, environments and epochs, and aims to ensure that lessons identified from current urgent operational requirements and Watchkeeper procurement are used to inform all capability areas. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have potential application across all capability areas and military Commands. In the vast majority of cases, the use of UK remotely-piloted aircraft systems is for non-combat surveillance and reconnaissance.

RSL Project Solutions are currently under contract to provide Air Mission Systems Automation and Decision Support to Dstl. The support involves providing a specialist contractor to work as part of an integrated, cross-discipline team which is responsible for the day-to-day liaison with industry research teams. During initial phases of research projects, the RSL consultant is responsible for reviewing industry proposed approaches, and understanding if expected outputs and outcomes will meet the research requirement. During execution phases of research projects the RSL consultant is responsible for provision of support and advice to the industry research teams. This includes supporting the provision of GFx, reviewing formal and informal outputs and formal deliverables, including trial assessment plans. The RSL consultant is responsible for monitoring identified risks, as well as identifying and escalating emerging risks to the Dstl task lead.

Niteworks – Project Leadership (Task Complete)

planes2RSL Project Solutions were contracted to provide Project Leadership support to Niteworks. The task involved a large aircraft type which had a limited ‘Chat’ capability and limited communication systems – limited bandwidth and high latency were particular challenges. The customer (Air Command) wanted to generate a requirement for Chat that would be bounded by the realities of technology yet credible to the users. Niteworks carried out a rapid review of likely technologies across its large range of Associates and then went to contract for 2 very different technologies for a Capability Concept Demonstration.

In parallel, the project team, (led by RSL) selected for their particular expertise in the problem area, developed a draft Concept of Employment and a User Requirement Document. These were validated by means of a Military Judgement Panel and refined into deliverables. The project delivered a presentation to 1* stakeholders where the focus was largely on exploitation options and the whole project was summarised in a final report. The customer received technologically and commercially based documents which could be seamlessly fed into the procurement process, thereby generating in a few months what had been lacking as a solid capability requirement for many years.

QinetiQ Air Division – Project Management Support (Task Complete)

WildcatRSL Project Solutions were contracted to provide Technical and Management support to QinetiQ.  This entailed the provision of a consultant on-site with QinetiQ to lead and manage a number of Rotary Wing engineering projects on behalf of QinetiQ.  Key tasks included:

  • Leading and Managing the Independent Technical Evaluation (ITE) of AgustaWestland’s integration of the Avidyne 605 Traffic Awareness System (TAS) on the Lynx Mk9A.
  • Planning, leading and managing the ground and flight trials of Avidyne 605 TAS on the Lynx Mk9A.
  • Leading and managing the ITE of AgustaWestland’s integration of Avidyne 605 TAS on the AW159 Wildcat.
  • Managing the input to the AW159 Wildcat TAS Combined Test Team (CTT – QinetiQ/AgustaWestland/Air Warfare Centre).
  • Leading and managing the ITE of enhanced cockpit lighting introduced to the Lynx Mk9A as a Service Modification by Vector Aerospace.
  • Planning, leading and managing ground and flight trials of Lynx Mk 9A enhanced cockpit lighting.

DE&S Voyager Delivery Team – Airworthiness Engineering Support (Task Complete)

planeatnightThe Voyager aircraft is based on the modern A330-200 passenger aircraft and will provide the RAF with a step change in reliability and capability in both the AAR and AT roles. RSL Project Solutions were contracted to provide Airworthiness and Safety Engineering support to the Voyager Delivery Team within DE&S. The task involved delivery of type airworthiness authority capability and support to the release to service of the Voyager aircraft. The RSL Consultant was accountable to the STAAR KC30 D/Type Airworthiness Authority (TAA) for carrying out MRP assurance activities on the Voyager KC30 aircraft Type Design:

  • Performing engineering and safety scrutiny of KC30 Design Organisation type design changes and type airworthiness issued instructions.
  • Undertaking engineering and safety analysis of design data in support of In Service occurrence investigations.
  • Providing evaluation scrutiny and advice on Airworthiness Directives issued by both civil and military airworthiness agencies.
  • Developing and sustaining an MRP compliance matrix.
  • Identifying where evidence does not adequately show compliance with the Voyager certification and qualification basis.
  • Managing the TAA issues log and developing appropriate mitigation action plans.
  • Interfacing with the KC30 Safety Manager to deliver appropriate certification and qualification evidences into the KC30 safety case.
  • Undertaking engineering and safety reviews of certification and qualification evidence to allow closure of Temporary Service Design Limitations.
  • Participating in KC30 aircraft technical forums.
  • Assisting in the development of an appropriate Voyager Type Airworthiness Strategy.

DE&S Sea King Delivery Team– Project Management Support (Task Complete)

helicopterThe main role of the Sea King ASaC7 is detection of low-flying attack aircraft; it also provides interception/attack control and over-the-horizon targeting for surface-launched weapon systems. RSL Project Solutions were contracted to provide Aeronautical Engineering and Project Management support to the DE&S Sea King PT. This support was in direct support to the capability sustainment of the Sea King Mk7 ASaC deployed on Op Herrick and its UK-based training/operational tasks.



Key elements of the task included:

  • Project management of capability upgrades to deliver the required capability output within agreed programme time, cost and performance parameters.
  • Ensuring all legacy aspects of the Sea King ASaC (SKASaC) platform and mission system are achieved, including full system specification and mission trainer acceptance to achieve full operational capability.
  • Acting as functional (and delegated) EA for the SKASaC platform, associated mission system and support equipment.
  • Scrutinising the airworthiness and capability of the SKASaC platform in order that the appropriate action may be taken to maintain the standards and service provision required by the Front Line Command.
  • Maintaining configuration control of the SKASaC platform, liaising with customers and suppliers as required to ensure that the platform’s airworthiness is fully maintained.

DE&S Hercules / Tristar Project Team – Engineering & ILS Support (Task Complete)

large-planeRSL Project Solutions are under contract to provide engineering and ILS support to the Hercules Capability (Upgrade) Obsolesce Programme (COP).
This is a major upgrade to the Hercules aircraft. RSL’s consultant is responsible for the following activities in relation to the programme:

  • Developing the COP Support Solutions Strategy and Plans, working with the Support Solutions central team, and the HTPT In-Service Support team to ensure alignment with DES requirements, in particular to meet scrutiny requirements associated with a CAT B Project.
  • Implementing the Support Solutions Strategy and any introduction into service issues (e.g Aircraft Document Set, Modification process, HIOS Change note to bring support into main in-service support contract (HIOS) etc).
  • Preparing the SoR for embodiment of the upgrades onto the fleet. Project managing the procurement of the embodiment contract, working in close conjunction with the HTPT Fleet Planner to ensure that the upgrades are embodied successfully.
  • Applying sound project management to carrying out the ILS and Introduction into Service activities, including schedule, cost, and stakeholder management. Reporting progress, risks and issues regularly as a key member of the COP team.
  • Attending Programme Boards as required to present progress to Programme Director, Sponsor and DLOD owners as required. Work with DLOD owners as necessary (apart from Training DLOD which is part of a separate project) to ensure broad consideration of what will be required across MoD for the upgrades to be brought successfully into service.
  • As part of a programme, the post-holder will be expected to respond flexibly to assist in other areas of the project where priorities require it to preserve the timescales of the overall Programme. This may for example require writing business cases and SoRs for external technical assistance across the programme.

QinetiQ Air Division – Project Management Support (Task Complete)

helicopter2The Merlin Life Sustainment Programme (MLSP) is a five-year body of work, which will convert 25 Mk 3/3A Merlin helicopters, currently operated by the RAF, for maritime operations with the Royal Navy. AgustaWestland will undertake the conversion work, with QinetiQ providing the Independent Technical Evaluation. A Combined Test Team (CTT) will conduct trials to support to the certification of the interim and full operating capability for the Merlin project team.
RSL Project Solutions are under contract to provide Project Management support to QinetiQ Air Division. The RSL consultant is managing the delivery of QinetiQs’ £16M contract for Independent Technical Evaluation of the AgustaWestland solution and managing the QinetiQ contribution to the Combined Test Team. Our consultant is operating within the QinetiQ PM Lifecycle and adhering to MAA Airworthiness Regulations.
Specific tasks include:

  • Development and procurement of a bespoke Merlin technical training package for QinetiQ SMEs.
  • Complete revision of the Merlin Technology Control Plan (including revision of TAAs and NDAs) to ensure ITAR compliance.
  • Complete review of project documentation (PMP, Risk Log, contracts) and identification/management of required changes.
  • Bid for additional Work Packages and negotiated contract amendments.
  • Planning and preparing for QinetiQ delivered Operational Test & Evaluation Flight Trials (independent of CTT).