Programme & Project Management Consultancy

Different organisations deliver their projects in different ways, with different priorities and to vastly different budgets. No matter what the scale of your organisation, RSL Project Solutions Ltd can help. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ Project Management and offer a range of project management consultancy services which can be tailored to meet your needs.

project-managementActive Project Management

RSL Project Solutions Ltd can take complete ownership of the management of specific projects from start to finish. If Project Management is not your strong point, if your own resource is stretched or if the project is simply too much for you then we are ready to help.

contract-winnersWinning Business

We have extensive in-house experience in Key Account Management, Business Development and Bid Preparation, including Shipley. We are available to help you in all aspects of your business development and business winning activities.

tickProject Health Check

Not all projects run smoothly, and some can prove to be far more complex and difficult to manage than initially thought. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can offer timely short term assistance with your projects, be that to find the root cause of a problem, to assist in the conduct of Governance Reviews, to recover a failing project or to compile post project analysis.

RSL-PM-Cycle-LargeBespoke Project Management Systems

If your working environment seems chaotic and your projects tend to run over budget or deliver late, then you may need to implement a formal project management process. Hastily implemented and onerous process can stifle creativity and reduce responsiveness, so it is critical that you find the correct balance for your organisation. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can design and document a Project Management system that is specific to your organisation and enhances your business.

Engineering Consultancy

engineering-compIn order to thrive any engineering organisation must be capable of designing, building, and maintaining its products consistently, safely and efficiently. To do this, whilst maintaining legislative compliance and ensuring customer satisfaction, the organisation must develop and apply appropriate engineering processes. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can assist you in developing and implementing these processes, no matter how large or small your organisation.

Design Processes

engineering-designThe design of any product is complex and requires a systematic, rigorous and well documented approach in order to avoid re-work, inefficiency or even litigation. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can assist your organisation in developing and implementing a suitable design lifecycle that fits your product, your market and your team

  • Business Requirements
  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design
  • Implementation
  • Unit Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • System Tests
  • Acceptance Tests

Configuration Management Processes

engineering-configurationMaintaining control of your documents, drawings, specifications, modifications are all critical to the management of a successful engineering organisation. Without tight control you cannot know for certain what you have built and shipped to your customers, or what they are likely to expect you to support in the future. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can help you design and implement processes that give you back the control that you need.

Obsolescence Management Processes

engineering-obsoIn most industrial sectors, customers expect the products that you provide to endure extended in-service lives. Constrained capital investment for technical refresh and mid-life updates mean that your products will be expected to last longer and more importantly, be supported by you for longer. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can help you to design with obsolescence in mind, control your product throughout its life and enable you to meet your customer’s expectations.