Our Services

Project & Programme Management

Different organisations deliver their projects in different ways, with different priorities and to vastly different budgets. No matter what the scale of your organisation, RSL Project Solutions Ltd can help. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ Project Management and offer a range of services which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Engineering Services

In order thrive any engineering organisation must be capable of designing, building, and maintaining its products consistently, safely and efficiently. To do this, whilst maintaining legislative compliance and ensuring customer satisfaction, the organisation must develop and apply appropriate engineering processes. RSL Project Solutions Ltd can assist you in developing and implementing these processes, no matter how large or small your organisation.

Training and Development

Good projects need good Project Management and it is difficult to implement good Project Management without appropriately trained, motivated and equipped staff. RSL Project Solutions can assess your organisation’s Project Management capability from top to bottom and prepare a staged action plan for improvement. We can provide the systems, training and development that you need to unlock your organisation’s full potential.

Interim Professionals

RSL Project Solutions Ltd is positioned to provide Interim Professionals with the skills and experience that your organisation needs. This could be to complete a short-term assignment which you are under resourced to complete in-house. It could also take the form of engaging an expert in particular field to complete a particularly complex task or to assist your organisation during a period of transition, crisis or change.